It was a decision you took to open this topic out of numerous readily available topics..

Decisions can either lead you into a lifetime of happiness or regrets..

I want you to know that, you can never get rich in life through making POOR DECISIONS.


Staying broke is a reflection of your POOR DECISIONS.

Becoming rich is a reflection of your RICH DECISIONS..

You graduated with one of the best grades but still no job yet after a long while and you keep on saying that, you want to work in a well paying company or nothing else!. My friend, That is is a POOR DECISION.

Why don’t u think of how to source for capital and invest it in an idea that can give you a source of income while still aiming for that job. That is a RICH DECISION

Because you are a graduate and you have a degree/certificate, Then you start feeling like some menial jobs, are not meant to be done by you, even if it could be a steady source of income for you?


You are born and raised in a poor home and you keep telling yourself that if your parents were wealthy, you would have had a better life.. That is a POOR DECISION


I want you to rather tell yourself this, I grew up in a poor home but my own children must not grow up in a poor home. That is a RICH DECISION.

Your parents are finding it hard to send you to school,  and even to feed you as their child is hard for them and you are silently asking yourself why God decided to put u in that family, That is a POOR DECISION. Instead tell yourself this, GOD put me in this family so that i can change the story of my parents for good, That is a RICH DECISION.

In Summary.. your mind is the engine, The decisions you make is the fuel that would either power the engine through the destination to a Life you dream of..