It is no longer news that the man who was like the second in command in Iran, a Major-General(post-humos) in the Iranian Military and commander of the Quds force, a division primarily responsible for
external military affairs was killed by US drones operating in nearby Qatar.

In this article, we consider 5 reasons why he was killed by President Donald Trump.


Qasem Soleimani was declared a terrorist

The utmost reason Soleimani was killed is because he was declared a terrorist by the US. He had been accused of bombing oil facilities in Saudi Arabia and killing hundreds of US soldiers and civilians amongst many other accusations. He was accused of the recent attacks on US facilities in Iraq, including rocket strikes on American embassy in Baghdad that injured some American and Iraqi citizens. Trump believed killing him would put an end to more attacks and ‘stop a war’ as he had tweeted earlier on.


Trump’s need to make a statement on the war against terrorism

Prior and upon being sworn in as the 45th president of the US, one of Trump’s foreign policy aim has always remained on focusing on security by fighting terrorism and wedging war against terrorists. This presented an ample opportunity for him to reiterate this commitment, he wasn’t going to let this one slip past him. By killing the Iranian, Trump has shown that it is not all talk and no action.



He did what other past presidents shied away from

Qasem Soleimani had been on the radar of the US intelligence unit for a long time preceding Donald Trump’s presidency to as far back as George W. Bush’s tenure. So why neither of Bush nor Obama killed him? The truth is both past American presidents had been reluctant to do so. Bush failed to target him during the days of the Iraqi war and even when Barrack Obama took over the reins of power from Bush, he too was not particularly enthusiastic about killing him. One cannot really tell why both presidents avoided eliminating the Iranian military leader, it is either that they had bigger targets then or for some reasons, they were not just interested in carrying out the act.
However, the perfect opportunity presented itself when Soleimani visited Iraq and Trump ‘being Trump’, carried out what his predecessors failed to do thereby sending clear signals that he is not afraid of doing the ‘executioner’s job’ no matter who’s ox is gored.


Need to reconsider the Iranian nuclear deal

The relationship between America and Iran has gone sour in recent times especially after America pulled out of the Iranian nuclear deal to prevent Iranian nuclear weapons programme. America also severed economic ties with the Persian country causing great economic downside. These together with the recent killing of the military leader, Trump hopes this will force the Hassan Rouhani led Iranian government to bend its knee and act according to the whims and caprices of the US and reconsider its nuclear deal programme.


To consolidate and strengthen ties with like-allies

Trump’s strike on Soleimani is not only considered a win for the US but also to other world powers and America’s strong allies like Saudi Arabia and Israel. Soleimani was a common enemy and killing him was always going to be welcomed by these countries. Most delightful especially is Saudi Arabia. It is alleged that Qasem Soleimani supported and armed Shia based terrorist groups to the displeasure of the Saudi government who are pro-Sunnis. In return for such acts, the US gets to lick a handful of Saudi’s jar of oil.