Donald J. Trump is unarguably well known over the world as a controversial personality than his role as the US President. Although there is much news, and article etc, that have been published about him, especially by different media he tagged “fake news”.

The most popular facts about him can be summarized as being brutal with words, yes, you heard that right?. Without further delay, join me on a ride deep into the shark cage

The secrets of Trump so inconspicuous to many.

1. Constant Media Stunt :

One of Trump’s ideologies is that any publicity is a good publicity irrespective of what people think about it. His belief is well justified by Shakespeare’s famous quote paraphrased thus: There is nothing either good or bad, all is perspective. And perspective is a reality.

In most of his books, he always emphasizes that his readers should ensure the media is talking about them at any opportunity given ― even at the cost of pulling something not acceptable in the society.

2. Publicly Humiliated The 105th Mayor Of Newyork

During his business days in Manhattan, He had numerous feud with the Mayor of New York, Edward Irving Koch in 1986, the fight was so tense. He claimed the governor was jealous of his achievement with the skating rink he built, which the state has been trying to build for a considerable number of years.

3. His Grandfather Was A Drug Addict

Before you judge me on this one, he clearly states this fact in his book.

Trump father’s name is Fred Trump, and his parents (Trump’s grandparent) were from Sweden ― making Trump ancestors immigrants. His father (Fred) however was born in New Jersey in 1905.

According to Trump in his first book Art of The Deal, his grandfather was a hard liver and hard drinker who died when his father was eleven years old.

4. Dominate People For Fun

Right from his days as a businessman, Trump is fond of giving special treatment to people he believes are his strong supporters; especially those that accept they are inferior to him. However, he shows public love and attention to whosoever acknowledge to be inferior to him.

5. Contract Marriages

His marriage philosophy is summarized as “I love you, please sign this.” Such an approach might sound so weird, but don’t get too happy. Read further.

He has divorced twice and all of his wives signed a prenuptial agreement with him before marriage.

Prenuptial agreement is a legal congruity between couples stating how much they are entitled to from their partner’s wealth in case they divorce.

Don’t just think about doing same, I doubt if it will work here in Nigeria.