Top5 biggest secrets hidden to human finally uncovered by

We all know the number of continents in the world and the number of planets in our universe.

In today’s world, with the help of astronomers, we can predict the future such as the weather forecast for tomorrow and when the next solar eclipse will happen. Some mighty all seeing humans can even argue with the assurance that they know where they would be in their after-life. But there are some hidden things in this world no one has been able to crack the secrets.

Our Top5 for today presents to you;

Top5 Biggest Secrets In The World

1. Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler was a dictator who initiated World War II and also the mastermind of the Holocaust.

Hitler can never be forgotten in history. In December 1941, he declared war on the United States; the failure to defeat the Soviets coupled with an attack by the US, made his army suffered series of defeat.

In the struggle to avoid capture by the Soviet Red Army, 40 hours after marriage, Hitler and his wife were reported to have committed suicide.

There have been emerging accounts with different stand on the real death of Hitler; one account stated that he died by poison, another argued he died by a self-inflicted gunshot while biting down on a cyanide capsule.

There is also controversy over the authenticity of the skull and jaw fragments claimed to be Hitler’s.

A DNA analyses in 2009 revealed the fragments could only belong to a female less than 40-year-old.

2. Hapsburg Napkin Fold

You might be wondering why we included such a casual topic into our mighty discoveries? ? Wait till you find out why.

Folding of Hapsburg Napkin is a top secret in Austria. The guidelines of folding the Napkin is entailed in a Royal Act.

Many people have tried to fold this Napkin but the result has always been a failure ― there is a myth which stated that folding the Napkin which looks like a dong wrongly might unleash a god looking like a dong ? .

The design was originally used at the dinner table of the emperor or empress of the Austro-Hungarian empire ― after the collapse of the Empire.

Today it is used at banquets when a foreign head is visiting.

3. Egyptian Pyramid

Although the technology of today has advanced to a stage whereby many people could not have envisioned before now.

But despite our gigantic technological advancements, it is still not a match to the Ancient Egyptians’ technology.

Even with a technologically enhanced house like Bill Gate’s mansion, the construction of the pyramids of Giza is still a mystery to today’s scientists. No one has been able to replicate this epochal construction or the brainchild behind it.

The only near possible guess dies within our imaginations and fairy dreams.

4. US Oil Mining Reserve

Oil reserves in the United States were estimated to be 36.4 billion barrels of crude oil in 2014, a great leap from the oil reserve reported in 2008.

You might be thinking, “what is special about this?” Do you know? All of the United States Oil reserves locations are unknown to anybody except its government. Now you are thinking just what we are also thinking.

5. Liquid To Gasoline

A Chinese bus driver with no scientific education developed a formula out of the empty blues. (some accounts described him as an amateur chemist).

In 1983 he claimed to have synthesized a liquid, small amounts of which when dropped in water will convert it to fuel equivalent.

He was immediately granted automatic sponsorship by the government ($30 million) to start Hongcheng Magic Liquid Company, which never released any product.

He was arrested and condemned to 10 years of prison in 1998 by the government claiming that his discovery was a scam.

But other sources claimed and speculated that his misfortune resulted not from fraud, but from his unwillingness to reveal his ‘secret formula’ to the government.