Studying abroad offers you access to a better education and tourist experience. It qualifies you for a membership in the club of people who do not only see the four walls of their country till they kiss the dust.

Many students for sure wants to study abroad, but varying factors especially money is the main factor delaying them.

Good News! There are countries with affordable tuition fee which you can take advantage of, irrespective of your nationality. Below are our top5:

1. India

India is one of the fastest developing countries in the world with a high cultural diversity.

The tuition fee and cost of the living are far below what you would budget if you were to enroll in institutions in places like Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

Tuition fees in India are between $400 and $3000 depending on your course and choice of institution.

Government aided universities are, however, cheaper than private owned institutions.

Cumulative average expenditures of studying and living in India is between $2,500 and $7,000 or above per year.

African students stand a better chance of studying for a far lower price in this country through an Education For All program (EDFA).

At we discovered that, the program offers a scholarship for students ready to study in India and also provide them paid internship jobs on arrival.

2. Argentina

Public universities in Argentina are tuition-free for students irrespective of nationality and academic grade. Sometimes thou, depending on the school, international students might need to pay a small nominal fee to enroll.

Living cost is also affordable. You are good with about $5,000 per year; covering accommodation, feeding, transport and other expenses.

3. Germany

Germany also offers tuition-free education for international students except for Baden-Wurttemberg state universities in its south-west.

The living cost in Germany is about $11,500 per year. It is worthy to know that Germany like Argentina also charges a small nominal fee, around $210.

4. France

In this French country, the university is known as Grande Ecole. Don’t be surprised to see it attached to their school names. Grande Ecole tuition is free in France. The cost of living is approximately similitude to that of Germany, average $11,500 per year.

5. Norway

Norway is last on our list because of its high living expenses.

Cost of living in Nordic countries is always high. You might be wondering why is it then on the list?

The good news is that, Norway universities are tuition free for all students irrespective of their nationality ― you don’t need to qualify as an EU member citizen. And also, this tuition-free policy applies to all levels of education.

You will need to pay a small nominal fee here too, around $50.

The only challenges are that most undergraduate programs are taught in Norwegian and you will need a proof of proficiency in Norwegian to be offered admission.

Postgraduates programs ― Maters and Ph.D. ― taught in English are not very common.

Cost of living in Norway average $12, 945 per year.

What are you waiting for? Get on the plane and go for that education and tourist experience you have been waiting for.

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