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1. Gave up his presidential salary.

Prior to the 2016 presidential election, President Donald Trump in New Hampshire said:

“if I’m elected president, I’m accepting no salary.”

Staying true to his words, he has been doing so and it is “not a big deal” to him.

A US president earns $400,000 a year as salary and an additional $50,000 expense account.

Upon assuming power as the 45th president, Trump has kept his promise.

He donates his annual salary to various federal departments and agencies.

Some of the recipients of this kind gesture are the the Department of Transportation, Department of Interior, Department of Education, Department of Homeland Security, Department of Agriculture, National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, to mention a few.

2. Killed the deadly ISIS leader.

Abu Bakr al – Baghdadi was the former leader of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), a group designated as a terrorist organization by United Nations, European Union and many individual states.

He headed the terrorist group between 2010 – 2019, coordinating many attacks and massacres, some of which are the Hilla attacks, 2011 suicide bombing at the Umm al-Qura Mosque, Baghdad and series of coordinated attacks in Iraq.

On October 26 2019, President Trump announced that he had been killed.

The US special forces known as the Delta Force conducted raids in his hideout in Syria.

US officials stated that while being chased by military dogs, he was cornered in a tunnel.

He died after detonating a suicide vest he was wearing. His death is a great achievement by Trump’s presidency as he continues to fight world renowned terrorist.

3. Killed a world known terrorist, Soleimani Qasem.

Another major achievement by Trump, one which two previous presidents could not do is the assassination of the Iranian Major-General and leader of the Quds Force.

He was killed in Iraq in an air strike by US military drones from its base in Qatar, ordered by Trump on 3 January 2020.

Like Abu Bakr al – Baghdadi, he was also designated a terrorist by the American government.

He was responsible for the attacks on US military facilities in Iraq and other Middle East countries.

The president said Soleimani was planning more attacks on US embassies in the region.

On Saturday, 11 January 2020, he took to micro-blogging platform, twitter that “…he (Soleimani) was looking to do big future damages”.

4. Endure storms of insults from democrats.

President Trump will probably go down as most insulted president by the opposition party in America’s history.

He suffers a barrage of insults from opposition party members and some social media users.

This may not be unconnected with his kind of personality.

On so many occasions, he had been called all sorts of names and appellation especially by members of the Democratic Party, who constantly criticise his style of governance.

He has been called a “pathological liar” and “a racist and bigot” by Senator Bernie Sanders.

Former democratic presidential candidate, Hilary Clinton has in the past called him a sexual assaulter and in 2016 during a presidential election campaign speech, she referred to him and his supporters as a “basket of deplorables“.

Trump is not one who allows these insult to slide, he always hits back while doing what he believes is best for America.

5. Reduced unemployment rate.

In October 2019, statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), showed that unemployment rate has fallen to a 50-year low.

In the survey, unemployment rate fell to 3.5 percent, the lowest since 1969 while 168,000 jobs were created as at September 2019.

Quoting whitehouse.gov , it stated that

“The Trump administration’s pro-growth agenda provides job creators with the framework they need to expand their businesses and offer more opportunities for workers”.

This proves more than any other thing that President Trump’s policy of economic nationalism is yielding positive results to the benefit of all Americans including African Americans, Hispanics and people with disabilities.

This is a remarkable feat by the present government. All thanks and credits to President Donald J Trump.