Animals can be so lovely to humans especially the domesticated species. But there are others who would waste no slight chance in devouring your cosmetics body.

Dangerous animals are not a sight to behold except if you are ready to commit suicide and book a pre-early appointment with your maker. If you are trapped in a dead end situation like that, your only source of survival can be categorically classified into the followings;

1 run for your life
2 hide in a place out of their reach
3 do not touch them, whenever you are in a close contact.

Without further delay and unnecessary gibberish, join us as we explore Top5 most dangerous animals in the world

1. Komodo Dragon

Komodo dragons eat birds, water buffalos, Timor deer, carrion, and humans.

You will not believe the strange habits of Komodo dragon, they have been reported to dig up bodies from shallow graves.

If you are locked up in the jungle with the Komodo, do not dare fake your death because you are so edible for consumption.

2. Africa Buffalo

The ever dominating nature of humans has pushed various top scientists and psychologist into a quest to provide a sure link in domesticating this animal but with little to no success.

Africa Buffalo also called Cape buffalo [widow maker’ and ‘black death’ by Africans], has been showcasing its unfriendliness to human by killing not less than 200 people per year, mostly hunters.

The death records accounted to the Africa buffalo is predominately gruesome.

3. Stone Fish

For the lovers of sushi and sashimi, the stonefish is different from the one in your bowl.

The stonefish is not your regular type of fish and it is not meant for consumption due to the high level of venom deposited in its body.

Stonefishes are venomous, dangerous, and even fatal to humans. They have an adaptive feature which makes them blend with the seafloor (hidden-in-the-open killer); swimmers might unknowingly step on them, and bingo you are done with.

4. Golden Poison Frog

What a name? Golden but poisonous.

This frog is only dangerous when eaten specifically.

The frog toxin called batrachotoxin is used by indigenous Emberá people to lace the tips of their blow darts used for hunting.

The toxin is estimated to contain about one milligram of poison, enough to kill about 10,000 mice or 10-20 humans equivalent to two African bull elephants. 1g is enough to kill about 15,000 people.

Its toxin is more than enough to kill you; leaving no time to make you learn your lesson.

5. Banana Spider

Do not think they look like the banana or taste like banana.

They are so attracted to the banana because it is a special hiding tunnel to them.

According to the Guinness Book of Record, they are the most venomous spider in the world.

They are dangerous to human because they are found hiding in houses and cars of densely populated areas, especially during daytime. Watch out for them if you are visiting Brazil.


Human; We kill each other more than any of these animals combined in a year.
With today’s advanced technology, our beast nature has gotten an added horn as we can now destroy millions of lives in a few minutes.

Mosquito; the root of most deaths in Africa. Malaria caused by this tiny creature accounts for more than 1 million death per year.